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ICX-templant - Start set PROFFESIONAL
ICX-templant - Start set PROFFESIONAL
KSK Dentech, Japan
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KSK Dentech

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Wooden Wedges  KSK Dentech  Wooden Wedges  23.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Wedge Holder  KSK Dentech  Wedge Holder  112.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
 KSK Dentech  Sterilisation box  0.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Start set -Koferdam  KSK Dentech  Start set -Koferdam  539.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Rubber Dam Set - Technic tools and clamps  KSK Dentech  Rubber Dam Set - Technic tools and clamps  439.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Puncher  KSK Dentech  Puncher  124.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
 KSK Dentech  Matt clamp U67  39.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
 KSK Dentech  Matt clamp 51  39.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
 KSK Dentech  Matt clamp 29  39.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
 KSK Dentech  Matt clamp 27  39.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
 KSK Dentech  Matt clamp 26  39.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
 KSK Dentech  Matt clamp 211  45.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Lip Expander  KSK Dentech  Lip Expander  15.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Kofferdam frame  KSK Dentech  Kofferdam frame  34.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Ivoryís Separator  KSK Dentech  Ivoryís Separator  145.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Gingiva Gauge  KSK Dentech  Gingiva Gauge  126.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Forceps  KSK Dentech  Forceps  65.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Elliotís Separator  KSK Dentech  Elliotís Separator  90.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Dryfield Mouth Props  KSK Dentech  Dryfield Mouth Props  19.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
Double Ended Cheek Retractor  KSK Dentech  Double Ended Cheek Retractor  15.00Ž‚  Buy Now 
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01.Dental Dams Sanctuary 6"x6" mint medium
02.Clamp koferdam #26
03.Clamp koferdam #U67
04.Clamp koferdam #212
05.Clamp koferdam #24
06.Clamp koferdam #27
07.Clamp koferdam #25
08.Clamp koferdam #214
09.Clamp koferdam #W2A
10.Template for marking the holes on the dental dam
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ICX Templant, Germany

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ICX Templant